Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brohammer 002 "Cheater Dice" is Out the Door!

The second episode of Brohammer has gone GOLD and is available for a listen!

We introduce several new segments in this podcast:

-2 Engineers, 1 Cop: 'nuff said

-Work in Warhammer:
Long segment where Tom talks about getting some work done on his vintage Wood Elf army.  Kevin talks about trading and Erik talks about commision work

-Coming Events Section

-BRAND NEW ** SARS Section:
We talk about tricky rules and cheater dice!

Podcast Hosting

Direct DL:

iTunes: (takes a few hours to show up)

Enjoy the show!  Sign up on the forums and leave itunes reviews!

Links for topics from the show:
Games Day at the Cage in Highpoint NC:


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Twitter, Twitter, Tweet, Tweet

No, we did not buy a canary to be the Brohammer mascot.  Way more exciting than that.

Brohammer is now on Twitter!

That's right, you can now know instantly when the newest episode of Brohammer goes live.  You will also get updates about what the shows main host (me!) is doing at random times.  Could be interesting. :p

@Brohammer_cast on twitter.

Join us today!