Saturday, October 30, 2010

Give me your Tired, your Tournaments, Events, and Huddled Warhammer Masses

Brohammer is all about supporting warhammer in the South.  That means if you have a warhammer event that you would like us to mention, we probably will! 

You can drop the host an e-mail:
or post on the forums:

Even if it isn't exactly local, give me a shout and I'll promote it.  I believe that keeping the local listeners connected with the larger scene  helps encourage hometown warhammer.  Ya' gotta' get excited about something!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brohammer Forums are Active!

The Brohammer forums are up and running!

You can join up and join in the discussions about warhammer, the podcast, or anything else that you fancy.

Be sure to drop by the welcome and introductions section and say hello.  We want to know who is enjoying Brohammer out there!

You can call me "Brocephus" from now on. 

You see, this is the perfect name not only because it cleverly incorporates my podcast title "hook" but also relates back to my southern hillbilly roots.  Rock on! 
(Many thanks to the Rodge Lodge of  PointHammered fame for the cool moniker)


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brohammer Episode 1

We have gone gold people!

The  first episode of Brohammer is out the door!

Episode 1 contents:

- Introduction
- What the Brohammer podcast is all about
- What the two hosts have been doing in the hobby
- **FEATURE** Complete tournament report from Core Competency in Chicago, IL by Tom McClure

Download the MP3 here from iTunes:

or here:

Podcast Hosting
Podcast Hosting at

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed the show!  Any feedback is appreciated.  If you would like to write the hosts our e-mail address is:

Thanks for listening!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

What is a Brohammer?

1. Brohammer
The words bro and hammer combined into one awesome title for someone who is so cool     they deserve a title of combined words, like bro and hammer. Often times used when greeting the friend.
"Hey Rory, 'sup brohammer?"

2. Brohammer

Generic term used to describe any individual who loiters on the beach areas of midwest lakes. They will almost always plead with local fisherman, asking if they can have the unwanted bottom feeding fish that would normally be thrown back into the lake or beaten to death. (Carp, Catfish, etc)
"Dude, here comes that Brohammer. Quick, kick that Carp back into the lake."

(From the Urban Dictionary)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting some airtime on tape!

We taped our first session of witty banter!  It ended up being about 45 minutes. 

Now we are looking to bring McClure in via Skype for the first of many WTsquared segments (Warhammer time with Tom)  Or otherwise known as:  2 Engineers, 1 cop....

That segment will finish out our first episode and we will be able to publish!

Exciting stuff :>


WIP shots of the Corsairs

Here are a few shots of the corsairs.  Very WIP.  There are about 25 models shown.  I built a total of 40!

The heads are from a Polish company called MaxMini. 
Excellent customer service.  I couldn't be happier with my experience there.

I think the head swaps work out really well and once painted, will tie the corsairs into my over-all theme of the Cult of Slaanesh. :>


Friday, October 1, 2010

Close to Jumping In

We are working out the technical side of the equation atm.  This is the first foray into the podcasting world for either of us.  I am eager to start this project!  We have all the equipment that I think we need.  We just have to put it all together and start rolling tape!

Brohammer Podcast COMING SOON!