Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brohammer ep006 "Brawler Bash 2011"

Ep006 of Brohammer "Brawler Bash 2011" has gone GOLD!
Also available on itunes a few hours after this post!
-We start off with introductions and our wet your whistle/whatcha' drinking section.
-At 14:30 we announce the winner of the Warhammer's Real Men of Genius Contest and debut the winning submission!
-At 16:20 We start on our What's going on in Warhammer section.  Kevin and I attended Grail Quest in Durham NC.  We have a short musical interlude after that and hear from our guest Jim Emerick about a recent tourney he attended out on the West Coast at 49:04.
-We debut a 2nd RMoG short at 1:40:30
-At 1:41:29 We start up our feature interview with Joe Rogers from Pointhammered and recent Grand Champ of Brawler Bash 2011.  We get an overview of his DoW army and the tourney in general and at 2:15:17 we feature our THIRD RMoG short!  This one is a collaboration piece between Brohammer and Pointhammered. **Note that there is one semi-profane word (the word "ass") that is sung in this short so be aware if you have kids listening :)
-After that Joe gives us an in-depth look at his tournament success story at the Brawler Bash 2011
-Announcements and a producer "fireside chat" session finish this episode out.
Link for the Midwest Rampage:

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